Wake Up and Smell the Crap

Monday, October 5, 2015

So Hippocrates definitely knew what he was talking about.
I wish someone had told me this, say like....thirty some years ago. Anyone remember drinking your Tab Cola and having a pack of Nabs? Mmmmm good food there. 
I have to say that in my teen years I consumed my share of junk food. Fast food, 7-11 for snacks (Dr. Pepper and a 3 Musketeers bar), sugar cereals, pop-tarts, geez the list goes on. I never thought these were "bad" for me. Fast forward to my 30's; married, three kids and a dog. I tried to feed my family decent food. Vegetables from a can, canned biscuits, and meat. I cringe as I write this! I trusted the food companies and their advertising.
I knew people who were "health nuts". I literally thought they were nuts. Like tree hugging, granola hippies. No way, I would never be like that.
Yes, that is what I had been eating most of my life. Just watch TV and the commercials tell you how good pop-tarts are. Oh and don't forget Mac-n-Cheese. Your not a good mom if you don't serve that at your dinner table (probably with some hotdogs).(choke and gag)
Thankfully I did wake up. It was late, but you know .....better late than never.
About nine years ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer. What a wake up call that was. I was shocked. She was 76 years old. So healthy and vibrant her whole life. I went into research mode and read everything I could on what caused cancer. FOOD. That was a big one I kept coming across. The "things" that are in our food. Holy Cow has the food industry been taking us for a ride or what? 
Fast forward again, to today. Yes, my family and friends call me a crazy hippie voo doo woman.
And I am so honored to be called that. To all of the hippie, granola people I made fun of back in the day.....my sincerest apologies.
Eating clean, whole foods has changed my life, healed my husband of a debilitating disease and has set my life on a new path.



  1. Jackie, I love this post! David and I just said last night how we were going to smell like hippies. It's crazy how food affects us. As you know I don't have a lot of crap in my kitchen but now after the holidays, time to get it back out. I feel like crap since we've been eating it and I can't think clearly! Thank you for everything! I just love my crazy hippie voo doo friend!

    1. You know that you will fit right in with all the crazy hippie people! You've got the crazy part down!

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