Yes, we are all "aware" NOW is the time to PREVENT CANCER

Monday, October 26, 2015

October has long been Cancer Awareness Month. While I appreciate all of the advertising and events that this month brings to the awareness of cancer and the millions or billions of dollars that go to the cancer charities; I am quite perplexed why there isn't more of a mainstream public awareness of Cancer Prevention. Wikipedia tells us that National Cancer Awareness Month was founded in 1985 in October as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries which is now part of AstraZeneca, who is a MAJOR player in chemo drugs. (I won't comment about "Big Pharma" because it makes my blood boil)

But....wouldn't it be nice if some of the millions raised went to cancer prevention education. Yes, I do believe that you can take measures to prevent cancer. To prevent it you need to know what causes it. The American Cancer Society tells you right out that tobacco, poor diet, no exercise, alcohol, radiation, carcinogens, etc. contribute to causing cancer. As much as I want some of those millions to go toward educating the public about preventing will not. Big Pharma and the Food Industry don't want us to know what they are doing to us. PEOPLE....NOW is the time to wake up and educate yourself on the harmful effects of processed food, carcinogens in our food, in our personal care products, cleaning products and our environment. Things are not as they were 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago.

It is too easy to go through life looking at everything through rose colored glasses. Too easy to take everything at face value. Call me cynical, a skeptic or whatever; but I'm telling you, I don't believe anything from the media. For decades commercials have told us how gentle and wonderful Johnson & Johnson baby products are. Only to find out they contain a preservative that releases formaldehyde.

Only in the past two years has Johnson & Johnson removed that preservative (only to add a different one) from some of their baby care products. This all happened because of pressure from consumers and environmental groups. Now please note that Johnson & Johnson continues to sell a plethora of beauty products that still contain these dangerous preservatives. Also please note that Johnson & Johnson sells the identical products to other countries without these preservatives, because their version of the FDA does not allow them. The FDA does not restrict the amount of formaldehyde that can be present in cosmetics sold in the U.S  Hmmm, imagine that!  (by the way, you do know that wrinkle free clothes contain formaldehyde)

I worry about our future generations. We need to be educated now on cancer prevention. Look how prevalent infertility is these days. This is an exert from an article by the Environmental Working Group.

"As EWG has reported for more than a decade, many chemicals found in personal care products have the potential to hinder people’s ability to reproduce, to interfere with pregnancies and to cause birth defects. 

And recently, citing scientific evidence accumulated over the last 15 years, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine have urged doctors to warn their patients that exposure to toxic chemicals before conception and during pregnancy can have significant and long-lasting effects on reproductive health.  

The medical groups’ conclusions align with EWG’s research, which has determined that reproductive health problems linked to toxic chemicals in cosmetics and other personal care products include:

-Infertility     -Low birth weight     -Preterm birth     - Cancers

Birth defects for example, in 2005, scientists at the University of Rochester reported that prenatal exposure to phthalates —plasticizers commonly used in personal care products — was linked to abnormal reproductive development in baby boys. Despite these findings phthalates are still used in cosmetic products, including some nail polishes and “fragrance” mixtures."

Full article here: Toxic chemicals in everyday consumer products

Yes, October is now more of a pink month than an orange month. I think we are all "aware" of cancer. NOW is the time to start on cancer prevention! I urge you to use that "Dash of Wisdom" you have in your brain (somewhere) when deciding what to eat, what to brush your teeth with, what to moisturize your face with. Don't believe the ads. Read the ingredients, especially when it comes to your precious children. Let's not let cancer be so prevalent in our next generations.

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