Canned Peaches

Monday, September 4, 2017

Fresh South Carolina Peaches

Peaches! Oh my gosh I love peaches. The velvety fuzzy skin and the sweet yet tangy juice. I probably eat half of what I cut up to can. Canning peaches is so easy, that's why I do it! And this cute little bugger loves peaches too! I use my frozen peaches for smoothies and peach popsicles or just eat them frozen as a nice treat.

Like I said, canning peaches in a hot water bath is very easy. I bought about a 1/2 bushel and canned 13 pints and froze the other half. Below are my simple instructions on how to can peaches!

 Blanch peaches for about 45 seconds in boiling water

Scoop out with a slotted spoon 

Immediately put in an ice water bath

Take out of ice water bath and peel. If you score them lightly it's very easy to pull the peel off.

 Cut peaches into desired size slices

Pack peaches into sterilized canning jars. Add packing juice. You can use anything from plain water to apple juice. I used water and a little raw honey. These peaches were very sweet to begin with.

Process in boiling water bath for 20 minutes

and Voila' you have delicious canned peaches to eat this winter

For more specific step by step directions to can peaches, just google "how to can peaches".

Frozen peaches

To freeze peaches just follow the directions above except after slicing, lay peaches on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and freeze. When completely frozen put in freezer bags or vacuum seal.

I hope you try your hand at canning or freezing fresh peaches. It's so nice to pop open a jar knowing where they came from and how they were canned. No added preservatives or chemicals from aluminum cans. Feel good about what you feed your family!

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