Deodorant - Homemade chemical free

Flea Powder - Homemade

Flea Shampoo - Homemade


  1. What is the really good vanilla (I can't remember exactly what she called it--brain fog!) that was mentioned? It sounds good!

    1. It's a vanilla bean paste. It has the bean flecks in it.

  2. Hmmn - I wonder where you learned about this amazing product? No, it couldn't be me. Oh yes it is - I introduced your father to it while he taught me how to make rice pudding. He told me to buy vanilla beans, but I didn't want to bother with boiling them, so I tricked him & put the paste in instead, curious if he could detect the difference. He thought it was amazing and was hooked!

  3. Thanks for posting all of this wonderful and very informative information on your blog. I love it! I'm grateful to learn that I'm already using many of the ingredients you recommend. Thanks so much! Love you bunches...